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Welcome to our Valentine’s Day Edition!

  Flowers of Southport Newsletter Welcome to the Valentine’s edition of our Newsletter! First of all, we would like to congratulate Daniel M. of Robina for his winning entry in our newsletter competition in the last edition. We asked for the funniest rumour for what is going to be built on the old GC Hospital site and Mark suggested a giant bronze statue of Tom Tate with “Dear Leaderâ... »

Flowers of Southport – Spring is here!

  Flowers of Southport Newsletter SPRING IS HERE! Welcome to our latest edition, and to what seems to be a hint of summer weather this week! With school holidays on, I’m sure all of us at work are eagerly looking forward to our October Public Holiday this coming Monday, so that we can share in the sunshine!            With the advent of the warmer weather, there are loads of beautiful sprin... »

Flowers of Southport – New Specialty Gift Basket Website! Link inside……..

  Flowers of Southport Newsletter Here at Flowers of Southport we have certainly had some changes since our last newsletter! Firstly of course is that the G-Link Trams are now open to the public and we are seeing a lot more people out and about, as it makes access to Southport so much easier without having to worry about parking! The fact that the trams are running every 7 ½ minutes during t... »