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It’s nearly Halloween – we have stocked up at home with lots of chocolates for the youngsters that come pounding on our door with scary masks and great costumes – having grown up in the UK, it’s still a fun and interesting way to celebrate to us, as it was all about Halloween Parties for the grown ups in England and the endless playing of the “Monster Mash†on the radio!  The hardest part though is not eating the mini mars bars and mini milky ways we’ve stocked up on as it seems a long long time till 31st October!

Alan has sorted out some dad jokes for Halloween:

Why don’t Mummies take holidays?
They’re afraid they’ll relax and unwind!

How do witches keep their hair in place when flying?
With Scare Spray….

What do you do when 50 zombies surround your house?
Hope it’s Halloween!

Enough with the bad jokes, Al!

We’ve been having some lovely flowers come into season as the weather warms up – Dahlias are now available as are David Austens and Garden Roses, and the flowers and foliage are looking more and more beautiful as the range increases toward summer.

I recently did this bouquet for a gentleman that wanted to buy his wife a bouquet of Dahlias for her birthday, but as it was then early October, we agreed a Plan B just in case, of Disbud Chrysanthemums.

On the day, I was able to give him a beautiful bouquet of gorgeous local dahlias as my wholesalers had sourced them especially for me.  He was delighted, and I hope his wife was, as the Dahlias hold a special meaning to them both as she had those in her wedding bouquet a few years ago.

And finally some exciting – or should I say amazing news – a credit card company is giving money back!  American Express are launching their “Shop Small†Campaign from 30th October until 5pm 30th November â€“ click link here to go direct.

Spend over $20 in any one transaction with us and they will credit you with $10! (Or any of their other small businesses in their Shop Small Campaign).

How do you get your credit of $10?

  • Register your AMEX card on the Shop Small AMEX campaign – Google this if you prefer, it must have their logo and Shop Small Campaign on the page
  • Use your AMEX card with Flowers of Southport – no cc surcharge fees – and spend over $20
  • AMEX will credit you with $10

You can even get up to 10 X $10 from AMEX using your registered AMEX card with them during their Shop Small Campaign – please go direct to their website for more information & Terms & Conditions at

Have a great weekend & best wishes from
Alan and Glynda Hall & all the team at Flowers Of Southport


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