Meaning of Flower Colours

There are many colour traditions for flowers, from different cultures and application, this a general rule of thumb guide:


Red = romantic love

Purple = that the giver has fallen in love with the receiver at first sight

Coral & Orange = desire

Yellow = joy, friendship

Light pink = admiration, sympathy

Pink = gratitude, appreciation

Peach = gratitude, sympathy

White = reverence, humility


Scientific traditions of how colour affects moods

Black = self confidence, power

Blue = Claming, lowers blood pressure

Green = soothing, relaxing mentally & physically

Violet = Peaceful environment

Pink = relaxes, soothes, relieves tension

Yellow = energising

Orange = stimulating

Red = brain wave activity stimulated, increased heart rate


Feng Shui

  • White vase with red or pink flowers on bedside table = to bring more romance into your life
  • Jasmine is the plant of friendship, a good gift to give when visiting
  • Peonies strengthen male energy, emblems of loyalty and affection.  Peonies with plenty of leaves and petals signals an omen of good fortune.
  • Chrysanthemums are associated with a life of relaxation and retirement, the Chinese have lovely names for them such as Heaven full of starts.
  • Lilies are considered one of the 8 treasures, and are an emblem of summer and abundance.  They are very favourable flowers to have in the home.
  • You should have at least one big plant in each room to freshen the atmosphere, clean the air and bring good energy.
  • Spiky plants may bring bad energy but also can reactivate areas of sluggish energy in the home, moving the chi around.
  • Green is the colour of growth.  Green plants reflect peace and harmony, representing balance.
  • Round leafed plants encourage good energy and bring good fortune.


These comments are from our own research in these areas, please investigate further if you wish on the internet.