Online Ordering Help


Where do I put the DELIVERY ADDRESS?  You need to click the box that says “Ship to a Different Address”, next to where you entered your address.  This will then open up a new area for you to enter the delivery address (called Shipping Address on the website) 

Where do I put the MESSAGE FOR THE CARD?  Please put this in the section called Customer Notes when you get to checkout.  We include a free florist message card with every order.  Please call us on 07 55310088 if you have any problems

Where do I put their telephone number?  Please enter a tel. no. for the receiver of your gifts in the “Order Notes.”

When will the order be delivered?  We are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm Queensland time.  Please select the date you would like your order delivered, excluding weekends when we are closedDeliveries take place between 10.30am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday.  Earlier deliveries can be done by arrangement – please call us on 07 55310088 to organise.

How do I claim my free delivery for a hospital order?  Enter coupon code HOSP at checkout, and it will automatically raise a credit for $9.90, bringing the delivery fee to zero.

The website asks me for a specific time, can you really do that?  The website order system will ask for a delivery time, please complete this.  BUT NO specific times can be done, only AM or PM as our couriers in the real world (rather than the online world!) can only do these.

I want it there urgently / at a certain time. If you need it to be delivered within a 2 hour time frame during our working hours, please select our product Urgent Delivery, which will add a small additional fee on for the priority service.  Otherwise, please call our shop 07 5531 0088 and we will book in an “Urgent Delivery” – this incurs an additional fee as the couriers will charge us extra to reorganise their whole run around the urgent order, to ensure your order is delivered within the 2 hour time frame.

It’s going to a secure unit block or security estate, how do I tell you about any special codes, etc, so the courier can get in?  If going to a secure unit block / estate, please put any special instructions, like the buzzer number, etc in “Customer Notes.

What payment options do you accept?  We accept Mastercard, visa, american express all without any cc surcharge!  Also debit cards  as well as Paypal.

I am having problems with my order rejecting, what do I do? Please call us on 07 55310088 and we will quickly and easily take the order.  

I don’t want it delivered, I want to come in and collect.  How do I tell the website that?  Enter code PICK at checkout, and it will raise a credit for $9.90, bringing the delivery fee to zero.  Please enter in the Customer Notes the date you want to come in and pick up your order.

What size is the standard? Is that the one in the picture? No the picture always shows the Classic (Medium) size.  The standard has a few less flowers in, and the large (deluxe) has more flowers in.  The size doesn’t alter a great deal, it is more the quantity of flowers, especially premium flowers such as roses and lilies that are included.