Should I send a boxed arrangement or a bouquet?

Should I send a boxed arrangement or a bouquet?

This is a frequent question from our customers, it all depends on the recipient.  If they are in hospital or a nursing home, then a boxed arrangement is much easier for them to enjoy, for the nurses to water, and for them to then transport home than a bouquet would be.

If it is going to someone that you would like to impress, a large round posy bouquet is perfect for a birthday, an anniversary or a just because.  A round posy bouquet is a lovely gift when delivering to offices or shops, as the receiver can place it in a vase on their desk or on the counter.  Where the person works in a busy area, then an arrangement would be better as it is much more stable than a bouquet and less likely to be knocked over.

For a bereavement, when sending to the funeral itself, a sheaf bouquet is the industry standard for the design of the bouquet, instead of a round posy.  A sheaf bouquet is a flat bouquet, with the flowers staggered down, allowing the flowers to all be seen, and can be placed on the carpet flat near to the coffin.  An arrangement is also an excellent choice as it can be paced on the floor for the service, taken home and is easy to look after, always a consideration when sending flowers to a bereaved person, as it is less stress for them.   Wreaths and sprays are generally left at the graveside and not taken home after a funeral.

What should I send as the gift is for a man?

We have a wide range of designs suitable for men, using bright coloured flowers such as gerberas, or blue orchids and lilies.  Natives are another popular choice for men.  Where you are unsure if the receiver would like to have flowers, we can send a gift basket such as our Puzzler Gift basket, with a range of puzzle books, pencil and eraser, a fruit gift basket, or a range of chocolates.  We also frequently send a balloon bouquet of 2 coloured foil balloons and 1 message helium balloon with a balloon weight and either a cute fluffy dog or a box of chocolates, which makes a great gift for a man’s birthday, get well or a sorry!