Valentines Day Ordering & Delivery Answers to FAQ’s

Valentines Day Online Ordering and Delivery questions and answers

Delivering Valentines Roses Gold Coast on 13th February and Valentines Day 14th February


  • Our shop is open Saturday 9.30am – 3pm 13th February
  • Open Valentines Day Sunday 9.30am – 1pm 14th February

*Can I order online and come in and collect?  Yes, no problem at all.  Please order online using coupon code PICK which will raise a credit for the delivery fee at checkout,  Our address is 61b Meron Street, Southport, and collect your items between 9am and 1pm on Valentines Day.  Otherwise, please telephone our shop on 07 55310088.

*Where do I enter the delivery address? When ordering, please click the box that says ship to different address?  in order to then enter in the address of where you would like your gifts to be delivered, if not to your own address that you have already just entered.

*Where do I write my Message for card – Please enter this in at Order Notes

*The program asks me to enter a Time for Order – Although the computer program requires a time for you to choose when entering your order details, this is NOT applicable in the real world, only in computer land! During Valentines, we have 2 choices for delivery – Standard or Urgent – please see below for more information.

*What are my delivery choices for Friday, Saturday, Sunday?URGENT OR STANDARD– please select if you wish to pay for an urgent courier so that the gifts can be delivered by 11.30am on the day you have selected.  This will attract an extra fee as we have to pay the couriers a premium charge.

**Urgent delivery times – commencing from 7am to 11.30am Gold Coast

**Standard delivery times – the couriers will commence from 9am and continue until 6.30pm.

*Urgent DeliveryUse this delivery option for any deliveries to business addresses with specific working hours or time rules so that your gifts will be delivered by 11.30am.  No specific times can be offered, or time frames, it will be delivered sometime between 7am – 11.30am on the date of your choosing.

*I forgot to choose Urgent Delivery and my partner is leaving work by 12 noon, what do I do?

A) If this is the day before the delivery, please call us on 07 55310088 quoting your order number and pay the surcharge by cc to change your delivery option from Standard to Urgent – don’t send an email as it may not get seen before the couriers leave the next day, as we receive over 200 emails a day during Valentines and will be concentrating on making bouquets, getting flowers into coolrooms and loading courier vans, and so won’t be close to computers.

B) If this is on the day itself, it will be too late.  The couriers will have the items onboard and they will be delivered within the Standard delivery time frame, no changes can be made.

*How will I know if  my gifts have been delivered?  Unfortunately, we cannot call the couriers once the run is on board, it is absolutely a non negotiable with them.  Please please don’t call us and ask us to call the couriers to find out how close they are to delivering – they get very very grumpy with us if we call them!  It slows their whole run down if they have to pull over and check if the item is still onboard, and makes them later then with their whole delivery schedule, so it then makes their job ten times harder and much much slower.  Thank you for your consideration, we really appreciate it!


Please be considerate of all of our staff during Valentines week, we will all be working 15 + hour days from Thursday to get everything made and beautiful for your gifts, and so will all be tired.  If you get grumpy, we’ll probably cry!!!  Oh no, crying women!