The Ultimate Guide on Making Your Flowers Last: Tips From a Florist

The Ultimate Guide on Making Your Flowers Last: Tips From a Florist

So, you’ve just bought or received a nice bouquet of flowers, but now that you have them, you’re left with so many questions; How often do you add water? Do I need to re-cut the stems or buy nutrients from the store? How often? If you find yourself revolving down this spiral, look no further than this article! I’ll share renowned tips and tricks and teach you how to maintain your blooms as fresh as you received them, long-term. Truly worry not, and read on.

From red roses to a beautiful bouquet of daisies and everything in between, flowers always exude an inexplicably comforting feeling to us. Be it because of their beauty or the sentiment behind the purchase; a gorgeous arrangement can always lift our spirits. Whatever the reason behind it, this article will share its ultimate guide on how to make your arrangement last – all from the knowledge and experience of a florist!

H2O’s Not-So-Secret Role

Although it may sound simple, the best low maintenance secret to making your blooms last longer is to regularly change your arrangement’s water (ideally, once every other day). This small act helps flowers substantially, providing more nutrients for them to absorb and use and elongating their life-span!

Nutrients, Nutrients, Nutrients

As you can guess from the title, nutrients are vital in making your flowers last longer. Whilst water provides essential nutrients, there are other at-home recipes you can make that can help preserve their freshness (the last one will surprise you!) These include:

  • A teaspoon of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • A few drops of a clear spirit (i.e. vodka)
  • A couple of drops of bleach
  • And lastly, aspirin tablets!

These nutrients minimise the growth of bacteria in the water your blooms absorb, as well as provides them with near-identical nourishment to their original conditions in nature.

Spray The Petals

Flowers don’t just take in nutrients through their stems, they also take nutrients in through their stems! As a result, we suggest that you buy a mister bottle to regularly but lightly spray water at your arrangement’s petals.

Get it Delivered from the Jump

At Flowers of Southport, we understand your need for only the freshest flowers. Because of this, we offer and guarantee same day delivery for all arrangements ordered before 2 PM!

Available across the entirety of the Gold Coast; our dedicated couriers will deliver from the uppermost corner of the north down to Currumbin in the south. Anywhere, anytime- so you can rest assured you’re getting only the freshest blooms!

Need Hospital Delivery? We’ve Got You There, Too

FOS values our customers and the sentiments behind the arrangements. In fact, we offer free hospital delivery for every single arrangement available. So brighten the day of a loved one; let them know you’re thinking of them and wishing them a speedy recovery with the best gift of all – flowers.

For more information about FOS, click here and check out our catalogue, or get in contact with our friendly florists for more advice by clicking here!